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May 9, 2013

I Am Beautiful

It's really strange how just typing those three words into the title of my blog feels arrogant and wrong. It feels like I am saying something that every girl dreams people will tell her, but she isn't actually allowed to say about herself. I can honestly say that I dont remember hearing someone say that they think they are beautiful other than when prompted to do so on Say Yes to the Dress.

Why is that? Why can't I say that I am beautiful? When did it become taboo to have confidence in the person that God has so lovingly made me?

The ladies behind Speak Now are here to change that. I have watched this organization grow since their early beginnings, and their goal of female empowerment could not be more necessary in today's world. We are doing a link up in these early days of May and posting loud and proud to share with the world why we are ALL beautiful inside and out.

So here I am. Poised at my computer, ready to type why I believe that I am beautiful and share it with the world. Fingers crossed ya'll wont judge me too much.

I am beautiful. . . .

...because I cry every time that I laugh.

...because I volunteer to do more than I can handle just to make sure there is always enough help.

...because I am passionately goal driven.

...because I love with my whole heart.

...because I sing along obnoxiously loud to my favorite songs in the car.

...because I work damn hard.

...because I am a hard core Harry Potter lover.

...because I trust others.

...because I am a woman and I embrace my curves, and my appetite.

...because I am flawed.

...because I don't give up.

...because I can admit it when I'm wrong.

...because I have the confidence to start my own business at 20, and the perseverance to make it work.

...because I am creative and constantly inspired.

...because I am not afraid to say so...

I am beautiful, and so are you.


  1. This was a wonderful post. Thank you for it. Every so often someone will say something inspirational and remind me that I should love myself and respect myself more. So, today I thank you for that.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! I hope you have a great day :)

  2. I feel am beautiful because I am addicted to capturing the beauty in everything else. I think I should do a post like this on my own blog. 'Twould be awesome. And girl, you ARE beautiful. You're gorgeous, clever, spunky, and have a huge heart like me. Stay that way. <3

    1. SARAH! Im emailing you, you are too dang sweet!

  3. I love this! Inspired. Maybe I'll link up myself :)

    too beautiful!


  4. this is such a great post!

    and i love the new summer facelift!!

    happy friday fellow whit!

  5. This post is beautiful---just like you, for all of those reasons you listed and more! Happy Friday!


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