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February 27, 2013

now accepting lots of march sponsors (and it's all fo free!)

Want to increase your traffic? Connect with a pretty cool blogger? AND SAVE MONEY?

Well March is your lucky month because ALL sponsor spots are FO FREE! Yup you heard (read) that right!

 I am updating the look of WhitSpeaks so please note the size of the ad and make sure that your advertisement IS THAT SIZE. No offense, but squished ads always make the sidebar look a little sloppy ;) if you need help with a button/ad send me an email!

Just use the code 'swaplove' to reserve your spot on the coolest blog around without paying a dime! 



  1. This is incredible! Thank you so much. (:

  2. Ohhh, so amazing. Thanks Whit, just submitted mine. I hope I chose the right size. :)

  3. Thanks!!!! I just submitted mine for Mandy Jean Chic. If approved can you email me your 250x250 to mandyjeanchic@gmail.com

    Thanks again!!
    Mandy Jean


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